Mike Dowling HotPlate

Many of you have asked me about the cover plate pick-up I rigged and used for years to amplify both my vintage and new National guitars. This system is something I came up with and used for nearly fifteen years on my vintage 14 fret Style O because I couldn't find anything in the marketplace that fit my professional needs. Well, the marketplace responded and now National Reso-Phonic manufactures and markets my HotPlate system. While my homemade rigs were- shall I say, a bit "bluesy" -National's craftsmen have refined and engineered my idea into a unique, high quality accessory that I'm very proud of.

My Hotplate is a self-contained, everything's on the cover plate, magnetic pick-up for use on any National or National biscuit-type cone guitar. No question, National guitars are full-sounding and loud played acoustically, but for those who need a pickup there's no cleaner option. I use the pickup primarily when I'm on stage to reinforce my sound and round out the bottom end and, when used discreetly in conjunction with an instrument mic, I find that I sacrifice none of the acoustic integrity of the instrument. And no more going to the amp to adjust volume or tone, the controls are at your fingertips.

Hot Plate designed by Mike Dowling The HotPlate is available in the sieve-hole cover plate pattern and the ResoRocket hole pattern motif, and is available in paint colors to match National's other single cone offerings such as black rust or chipped ivory, and can be ordered in either rubbed or bright nickel finish. The rubbed finish looks best on the new El Trovadors whereas the Estrellita Deluxe and the 12 fret Style O use the brighter, more shiny nickel finish. The pickup is a high quality, custom Teleneck Special. One nice feature of the HotPlate is that its slightly oblong screw holes around the perimeter allow for it to fit vintage Nationals without disturbing the authenticity of an older instrument. The HotPlate is easy to install and interchangeable on any single cone National guitar. For more information on HotPlate options and do-it-yourself installation, see the video I filmed for National available on YouTube.

To order the HotPlate, or any other National product including guitars at my 10% dealer discount, contact me at windriverguitar@gmail.com. If you prefer to talk by phone shoot me an email and I'll send you my cell number. I'm always happy to talk Nationals.

"Very elegant design and execution! It sounds fantastic. The lows are meaty without being distorted and the highs are clear as a bell. I love the sound of the El Trovador unamplified , but the HotPlate does a great job of simply making that natural sound a litttle louder with no sacrifice of tone. The tone and volume controls work great and installation was quick and simple. I'm completely happy with it. Thanks, Mike!"

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