Mike Dowling

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With David Lange (accordion)
and Rene Worst (bass)

An instrumental gem of lush, jazzy, melody-driven compositions from Grammy-winning Mike.

"Mike Dowling, one of our classiest guitar players, has teamed up with his perfect foil, accordionist David Lange, and together they have created a collection that is romantic without pretension, elegant without formality and just plain wonderful. Dowling is also here revealed as a gifted composer of exotic Americana, hip, down-home songs with an otherworldly air. I absolutely love this record. Ry Cooder should cover these songs." -- Ben Sidran

Includes: Blues Nouveau, La Laguna, Jeanette, Big Island, Not Worried Now, Insomnia, Frenchette, Riff Rider, Little Island, Samba Simpatico, La Habana Vieja, Dig, Old Dog

Blue Fandango

A stunning collection of solo guitar instrumentals and vocals, Blue Fandango captures the extraordinary range of Mike's talent, from his hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Maria Elena" to the Reverend Gary Davis' raucous "Trying to Get to Heaven".

Includes: Blue Fandango, Keep on Trying, I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music, Street Corner Rag, Tryin' To Get To Heaven, Midnight Hour Blues, Carinhoso, Marie Elena, I Hate Myself (For Being So Mean To You), Things is 'Bout Comin' My Way, Steamboat Bill, Stompin' It, Hard Times.

Mike's solo instrumental CD, Bottomlands, contains all original or originally arranged compositions played primarily on resonator guitars.

Includes: Wild 'Bout It, Rocky Road, Johnson City Rag, Swamp Dog Blues, Backslidin', Bottomlands, Shufflin', Jan's Song, Nitpickin', Bottleneck March, Amazing Grace, Rosalie, Hard Times.

Live At the Café Carpe
no longer available

Beats Workin'
Recorded in Nashville in 1991, Beats Workin’ features a band that includes Vassar Clements and Paul Anastasio on fiddle, Mark Schatz on bass, and Bob Hoban on piano.

Includes: Police Dog Blues; The Train That Carried My Girl FromTown; Beats Workin’; D. W. Washburn ; Ace In the Hole; Jan’s Song; Louis Collins; Lonely At the Bottom; Jitterbug Waltz; Bottleneck March; Nothin’ Could Be Better; Jump, Children

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